About Us

Global Media

Global Media, established in 2007, was primarily a digital and print agency. Our strength lies in now offering a creative and strategic partnership that helps create brand awareness and assist in helping the brand owners to communicate and grow within their market.

Our approach is simple, our success is dependant on your success and to that end we will work closely with you as your in in-house print production and creative agency. In this way we hope to produce designs and products that meet exactly your aspirations and thus reach directly your target audience.

As witness to the success of this philosophy, we have built an enviable and impressive client list. These clients enjoy a high level of quality customer service delivery which also incorporates all back office requirements from constant availability of a member of staff to deal with client calls to invoicing and associated accounting functions.

Global Media will not only deliver your project on time and on budget, but we'll use the latest technology available to do so. We believe that IT is more than just a method of facilitating operations or saving money. When technology is exploited to its fullest capacity, it has the ability to drive critical business activities, which is the catalyst for successful customer relationships and business growth.

What makes us different?

We believe in simple design and execution; producing communication solutions and strategies that are customer focused which synchronize your brand with your customers needs.